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Help your buyers get the full footwear effect with a 360° degree spin. These 17 second 360° degree videos feature your footwear on a white backdrop with natural drop shadows and LED lighting to ensure color accuracy. Videos can be created from both a physical sample or rendered from a 3D model to provide a clean, consistent view all the way around. Plus, our process allows for high volume video output of upwards of 55 shoes per day.

With a line as large as Merrell’s, creating a high-volume of accurate, consistent, and cost efficient 360° spin videos was the way to do it. Filming upwards of 100 footwear articles per season, we’ve got 360° spin videos down to a science — from the planning to the lighting to the editing and beyond.

Video #1: Rendered from a 3D model


Video #2: Rendered from a 3D model