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Our Adaptive Content Service creates product content on demand from a 3D model.

Adaptive Content Services | Click to view this model in 3D!
Example e-commerce content rendered from a 3D model:

(Click on the image above to view the model in 3D.)

How it works.

#1. We create the 3D model from your physical shoe.

You send us your physical product. We return it immediately after capture.

#2. We setup your virtual studio scene.

You choose the number of frames, camera positions, lighting, and other variables with our studio managers. This can be done by video conference.

#3. We render your e-commerce content.

Once you approve the scene(s) we can render your e-commerce content on demand and deliver the files.

3D rendering provides the ultimate flexibility.
Traditional photography vs rendering from 3D models

Rendering's flexibility is unparalleled.

Traditional photography

Physical products must always be at the studio. Lighting, product positioning, and # of frames must be established before capture can begin.


Rendering using an adaptive strategy

Physical products must only be in a studio once and are immediately shipped back. Lighting, product positioning, and # of frames can be established at the time of rendering.

Efficiently support all channels content requirements.

Support all channels: B2B, D2C, Marketplaces, Online Partners

Uniform product content for each channel is easily achieved using our adaptive content service.

Save on content production costs.

Adaptive Content Creation
Traditional Photography

Rendering is cheaper and faster than traditional e-commerce photography methods.

Each capture provides an abundance of content:


Each capture includes:

  • 1x high definition 3D footwear model
  • 1x 360° video render
  • Up to 15 2D e-commerce image renders

* Additional 2D image rendering after 15 images @ $1-$10 per image.
* Additional video rendering @ $20/30 seconds of run time.
* Discounts available over 500 captures.

Contact us for complete pricing.

Custom photography... on your timeline.
Let's get started.

Are you ready to bring efficiency to your content creation strategy?

Reach out and we'll talk through it all. We are confident we can save you time, money, and the (inevitable) headaches related to getting quality images to your B2B, D2C, or anywhere else they're needed.

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